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Boy Scout Troop 505
(Puyallup, Washington)
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Scout Leadership

*Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) - Alex C.
*Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) - Nathan M.
**Scribe - Nathan M.
Quartermaster - Sam A.
Librarian - David D.
Historian -
Order of the Arrow Troop Representative - David D.
Chaplain Aide - Sean J.
Webmaster - Nathan M.
+Buglers - David D. and Trevor J.
Den Chief - Gabe S.
Den Chief - Sean J.

Spartans Patrol
*Patrol Leader (PL) - Trevor J.
++Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) - Trenton R.

Templars Patrol
*Patrol Leader (PL) - Michael B.
++Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) - Taven F.

*Member of the Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC).
**Scribe is not a voting member of the PLC, but attends and keeps a log (minutes) of the meetings.
+Bugler is not an approved Position of Responsibility (POR) for Eagle.
++Assistant Patrol Leader is not an approved POR for Star, Life, or Eagle.